Question: I am not sure on which facial to have or which one would suit my skin type. Can you give me any advice?

Answer: When you visit in for a facial, your therapist will be more than happy to assist you to determine which facial would be best suited to your particular skin type.

Question: What actually happens during a facial treatment?

Answer: Generally all facials consist of a facial scrub or exfoliating mask then with the use of Galvanic, high-frequency, ultrasound and vacuum-suction products are infuse into the deeper layers of the skin followed by a 10 minute back, neck, shoulder and facial massage. When you come in for your facial, you will be asked to remove the clothing from the top part of your body and you will be provided with a towel and blanket to cover up. A facial treatment is definitely one of the most relaxing beauty treatments you can have.

Question: I already have wrinkles, is skin care really going to reduce them?

Answer: A combination of a rigorous home care program of active anti-aging products and frequent visits to a professional Beauty Therapist for more intensive treatments, will help to soften existing lines and minimize further fine lines from becoming deeper and more obvious. It is never too late to start using skin care and you are never too old to prevent further fine lines and wrinkles.

Question: My skin is very sensitive and I react to everything I use, what can I do?

Answer: A visit to a professional Beauty Therapist is your first step. She will help you determine what it is you are allergic to and can advise you on a simple skin care routine to calm your skin down. Dermalogica products are based on organically/naturally obtained ingredients for anyone who suffers with a sensitive skin. The ingredients contain the many different vitamins that a sensitive skin requires to function properly. It is very rare that a skin will experience any irritations with a natural vitamin based skin care range.

Question: Are natural based products better than chemical products?

Answer: Absolutely! The skin absorbs everything that is applied to it topically, this is easily demonstrated - if you rub a piece of garlic on the soles of your feet, after a while your breath smells of garlic! A natural product range is filled with active ingredients that fight the aging process.

Question: At what age should I start using skin care?

Answer: A basic skin care routine of Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing prescribed for your skin type by a professional Beauty Therapist can be started at the early age of 13.

Question: What is the difference between professional skin care you can purchase at a beauty salon or a range you buy over the counter?

Answer: Professional skin care ranges are full of very active ingredients that stimulate and enhance the skin, they are prescribed by a trained professional Beauty Therapist that knows and understands the skins functions and how it should be treated for a successful result.

Question: What is wrong with using soap and water, my mother used it when she was growing up?

Answer: Most soaps are detergent based and can alter the pH level of the skin. The normal ph level is 5.5; the aggressive actions of soap can strip the skin of its natural protective layer of oil leaving the skin dry and susceptible to bacterial infections such as blemishes. Back in the "old days" it was acceptable to use soap on the face as they were often home made with pure natural ingredients (there was nothing else available, you couldn't go to the Mall to purchase your skin care) and the climate conditions then, are not like the harsh environment of today.

Question: I would like to purchase some home care products. Can you advise which products I should be using?

Answer: Our therapists are professionally trained in the Dermalogica skin care range and would be happy to prescribe a routine that suits your particular skin type.