Pedicure with Gel Varnish

Gel Nail varnish does not chip, peel, flake or smudge!! It can give glamorous nails without any fuss for up to 2 to 3 weeks. The gel polish has been designed as a flexible alternative to nail extensions and is less distressing for the natural nail plate. Applied over your natural nails, the gel will add strength, helping you to grow your nails to whatever length you desire.

What happens during the treatment: It starts with a "dry manicure" to tidy cuticles and shape the nails before gel is applied. Each nail is cured under a UV lamp to ensure that the polish is completely dry by the end of your treatment - which will prevent smudging!

Toe nails With Gel Polish(Nalis 21) (60 minutos..... 18.00 euros).(Only Nails)

Full Pedicure With Gel Polish(Nalis 21) (90 minutos..... 30.00 euros) (feet, calluses, ingrown nails and massage).