Dearest Client

Due to the high demand for massages and facials in Almada Royal please note the following policies:

Please understand that your commitment begins when you schedule a service. In order to make it fair for everyone, please carefully consider your schedule and do not schedule your service for a time that you feel may be questionable. There are times when canceling an appointment is of course necessary, but please give your notice at least 24 hours in advance, whenever possible.

We would like to emphasize to clients that when you make a reservation for a certain day and time, we must renounce other customers. When you cancel your appointment without notice, we lose not only their service but the service of other customers. Please respect our time, and we respect and yours. Thanks in advance and we look forward to making your spa experience memorable!

For members of our Loyalty Program.
Any massage or facial canceled without notice of 10 hours will forfeit the loyalty discount. That will result in the application of the full price in the next service.

Almada Royal